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Business Strategy Planning and Business Modelling

Hospital planning, Commissioning and Dry Run

Equipment (Medical & Non-medical) Planning and Procurement

Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Engagement

Systems and Process Documentation and Implementation


This work stream focuses on developing tailor made strategies and roadmaps for guiding healthcare facilities struggling through various issues like operational inefficiency, rising costs and uneven quality despite the hard work of well-intentioned, well-trained clinicians.

These strategies and roadmaps help the healthcare facilities on financial modelling, cost benefit analysis of various models, choosing suitable funding mechanism, bringing operating efficiencies, significantly improving employee engagement to realize optimal productivity, efficiency, and cost savings and ensure maximizing value for patients by achieving the best outcomes at the lowest cost. 

Poor testing and commissioning may lead to patient safety risks. The healthcare sector is reinventing itself faster than ever, working on evolving, innovating and modifying care delivery models for integrated and value-based care. Hospital Planning & Design practice focus on collaborative and outcome-based healthcare delivery models. The gamut of services ranges from conceptualization of concepts to implementation of models of organized health service delivery. Internationally there are standards for commissioning of healthcare facilities while none such exists in India. Other than the risk of patient safety, many hospital buildings designed for high performance often fails to achieve the desired results due to improper / lack of proper designing/testing and commissioning.

Avoid costly mistakes.

Enthusiasm / physician pressure to buy an expensive high-tech equipment or over-cautiousness to ignore a technology or to buy a soon to be out-dated technology are the common mistakes committed by most hospitals. It is essential that asset planning for a hospital is directed by a medical and non-medical program that is derived on basis of the present and future healthcare needs and technology comparisons.

More than two-thirds of a hospital’s success rate is determined by its people.

Human resource planning is an extremely crucial activity to the success of any project, more so in a highly customer oriented “Human Care Intensive” organization such as healthcare. Skilled healthcare resource availability in the country is at an all-time high, yet it is almost less than half of what is required. Hiring, engaging and retaining healthcare resources is among the biggest challenges a hospital faces everyday. A special emphasis is required for physician engagement as they are among the most expensive resources and often they influence patient’s choice of hospitals and corresponding patient behaviour.

Lack of systems leads to inefficiency and poor quality of care.

Operational efficiency has become the latest buzzword with the emergence of welfare based community insurance schemes and cost control measures by the government. Documentation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and subsequent implementation is essential to ensure operational efficiency. It also leads to faster accreditation.