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Equipment (Medical & Non-medical) Planning and Procurement

Avoid costly mistakes.
Enthusiasm / physician pressure to buy an expensive high-tech equipment or over-cautiousness to ignore a technology or to buy a soon to be out-dated technology are the common mistakes committed by most hospitals. It is essential that asset planning for a hospital is directed by a medical and non-medical program that is derived on basis of the present and future healthcare needs and technology comparisons.

Equipment planners, hospital planning and management experts, bio-medical engineers and architects from VIVA Healthcare will help the client in preparing detailed equipment list and mapping along with specifications in consultation with the core management team from the client’s end. The equipment database will be drafted based on client’s requirements, medical programme and facilities, projected volume of cases, and opinions from different functionaries, allocated budget and financial feasibility.

Experts from VIVA Healthcare will assist the client to do the best selection and procurement of medical equipment from the huge list of medical equipment manufacturers and vendors existing in the market. The selection will be based on end user’s requirements, availability of suitable and adequate physical facilities, safety, efficacy and effectiveness of the equipment, exposure evaluations (for radiology and radiotherapy), technological assessment and upgradability, availability of technical support and accessories and spare parts. Our team of experts will also guide and play a vital role in every step of procurement from preparing of tender documents till finalization of signing contract and validation of purchase order.

Our team of experts will provide support in installation and commissioning of all the procured equipment for the client. The consultants do physical inspection, acceptance training, test run and calibration and facilitate user training and preparation of operational and service manuals.