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Business Strategy Planning and Business Modelling

Failing to plan is planning to fail.
This work stream focuses on developing tailor made strategies and roadmaps for guiding healthcare facilities struggling through various issues like operational inefficiency, rising costs and uneven quality despite the hard work of well-intentioned, well-trained clinicians.

These strategies and roadmaps help the healthcare facilities on financial modelling, cost benefit analysis of various models, choosing suitable funding mechanism, bringing operating efficiencies, significantly improving employee engagement to realize optimal productivity, efficiency, and cost savings and ensure maximizing value for patients by achieving the best outcomes at the lowest cost. We have conducted feasibility assessments & developed medical programs, support in mergers and raising funds for more than 50 hospitals globally. Some of our past projects are now premier hospitals in their respective geographies.

Our market feasibility study helps determine whether an idea or business is a viable option. The feasibility study is supported with calculations, analysis and estimated projections while our business modeling is made up of mostly tactics and strategies to be implemented to grow the business. Our experience realises that hospital businesses with their high investments, complex stakeholders, and scare resources stands true to the above thought.

Mergers and acquisitions in healthcare have been occurring at a steady clip in recent years, increasing financial pressures, value-based reimbursement, shrinking hospital margins, and record-high healthcare spending are pushing providers and even non-provider entities to engage in healthcare merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. We guide and support our partners through M&A partnerships that can help achieve efficiency and cost control.

We support our partners in raising funds and PE investments that can provide a larger and more secure capital base for prospective investments, creating the ability to grow staff, resources, and profitability. A fund support can stabilize an investment business and help organizations not only grow assets under management but also create a valuable investment platform.

Our Healthcare PPP advisory team offers services nationally and internationally, that are delivered with healthcare infrastructural development projects which includes feasibility & pre- feasibility studies, sectorial and geographical market research, due diligence, project identification plans, assessment of PPP programs, transaction structure development of PPP projects, bid preparations, consortium setting, development refinancing strategy, sourcing investment opportunities etc.

Our cost optimization measures ensure to reduce overall costs and improve patient care to maximize value. Our cost optimization initiatives ensure organizations sustain financial and even clinical benefits over the long term. This work stream focuses on strengthening hospital operations to improve health outcomes.