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Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Engagement

More than two-thirds of a hospital’s success rate is determined by its people.
Human resource planning is an extremely crucial activity to the success of any project, more so in a highly customer oriented “Human Care Intensive” organization such as healthcare. Skilled healthcare resource availability in the country is at an all-time high, yet it is almost less than half of what is required. Hiring, engaging and retaining healthcare resources is among the biggest challenges a hospital faces everyday. A special emphasis is required for physician engagement as they are among the most expensive resources and often they influence patient’s choice of hospitals and corresponding patient behaviour.

Our staffing plan traces its roots to hospital service utilization based need and maps the productivity of staff to modify / create requirements for engagement. Our team’s cumulative industry experience of over ~100 staff years have provided us with a network of healthcare professionals from across streams including clinicians.

We are experts in designing staff and physician engagement models that are lasting and are a win-win for both physicians and the hospital. Our human resource experts are dedicated to the recruitment of top quality healthcare professionals.

Our Human resource strategies are also based on comprehensive identification, description and analysis of the human resource situation. They form the basis upon which a policy or a plan can be developed or reviewed. The process of short listing and selection of potential candidates is assisted by senior practicing clinicians & hospital administrators associated with VIVA Healthcare who play a key role in the whole process.