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Hospital planning, commissioning and Dry Run

Poor testing and commissioning may lead to patient safety risks.

The healthcare sector is reinventing itself faster than ever, working on evolving, innovating and modifying care delivery models for integrated and value-based care. Hospital Planning & Design practice focuses on collaborative and outcome-based healthcare delivery models. The gamut of services ranges from conceptualization of concepts to implementation of models of organized health service delivery. Internationally there are standards for commissioning of healthcare facilities while none such exists in India. Other than the risk of patient safety, many hospital buildings designed for high performance often fails to achieve the desired results due to improper / lack of proper designing/testing and commissioning.

Our turnkey hospital planning services engages with clients from the conception of the idea, through the entire planning process and implementation of the idea from paper to field. We help client in master planning of the facility along with designing of the service basket, architectural design development support, medical and non-medical equipment/furniture planning, developing human resource plan etc. We also handhold client in planning procurement during the development phase, creating hospital operations plan and crafting market penetration strategy with doctor/patient acquisition model.

Our extended team designs patient-focused spaces that are both affordable and aspirational with the goals of improving patient outcomes, enhancing the experiences of visitors and staff, and creating healthier workplaces. Our medical planners, designers, healthcare professionals and strategic consultants help healthcare institutions navigate complex requirements to provide flexible and sustainable care environments.

Health Infrastructure up-gradation work stream focuses on revamping of civil and medical infrastructure to boost healthcare service delivery, meet the increasing demand of changing healthcare landscape, improved efficiencies and better health outcomes. The services include re-modelling of various buildings, increasing bed strength & expansion of services, augmenting medical infrastructure among other measures.

Our Project management services help organizations achieve project goals and objectives within scope, time, and budgetary constraints. Healthcare projects are some of the most complex buildings to plan and manage, demanding specialized knowledge, skills and strong technical capability. As specialists in project management for healthcare we support our client through procurement, to construction and project delivery and aid in the realization of a wide range of healthcare projects including hospitals, medical collages, diagnostic centres and laboratories.

Effective Hospital operations and management enable frequent evaluation of outcomes and outputs, adoption of new systems and processes, reallocation of resources and change in strategies for sustained success. It ensures availability of a dedicated pool of experts who critically analyzes health systems to ensure high efficiency, coalition and assiduousness throughout the system and provide solutions based on critical evaluation. Our team works towards formulating cohesive strategies that prepare organizations and the overall healthcare environment to incubate new ideas and act on them for a value-based healthcare delivery, yet protecting the interest of all stakeholders including the investors.